Professional Learning

It’s accepted that a deep integration of technology in the school learning environment is here to stay. Less clear is how schools should go about making the best decisions?

Though technology has the capacity to completely reinvent teaching and learning, schools need qualified educational technologists with the right expertise to develop and manage that innovation. 

The Technology Readiness Council (TRC) consists of experienced ed-tech leaders who can prepare educational technologists with the relevant expertise to drive innovation smoothly and efficiently. Participation in our core professional development program will equip the next generation of tech directors with the skills needed to manage change successfully and help schools make better long-term decisions.

Like all good educators, we want to be sure that the program meets your practical needs so… we’d like to hear from you, our future learners. Please take a moment to help shape the professional development program developed with you in mind, by taking this short survey. When the results are in, we’ll get back to you with a summary of what you and your colleagues have as preferences.

Professional Learning Needs Survey

PD Feedback Form
Which of the following aspects/topics of a professional learning program would you find meaningful and beneficial for your professional development? (Check all that apply)
Which of the following formats for professional learning would best fit your needs? (Check all that apply)
Which of the following sessions from a 2 day conference would you sign up for? (Check all that apply)
Where are you currently located?
What is your current role?
Does your school provide you with funding for professional development?