Annual Membership 500€

  • Exclusive Content Access: Gain privileged entry to meticulously curated discussions encompassing critical technological themes, notably Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy, and Cybersecurity.
  • Scheduled Engagements: Participate in virtual roundtables tailored around member-sourced subjects. Additionally, benefit from quarterly webinars, delivered by subject matter experts from within the membership base.


  • Education & Development Perks: Avail preferential pricing on TRC courses, coupled with priority registration benefits.
  • Resource Sharing: Access a consolidated directory of Data Privacy Agreements pertinent to widely-used educational software.
  • Network & Collaborate: Join a dynamic cohort of Technology Leaders. As a member, contribute insights, respond to queries, and disseminate specialized knowledge, enhancing the collective expertise of the community.

Courses offered

  • Data Protection Administration for School Leaders
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Innovation Growth and Leadership
  • Advance Professional Assessment
  • The Learning Organization
  • Privacy Matters: Data Protection in Schools

Premium Services

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services: Access to expert DPOs ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and providing guidance on data privacy practices.
  • Data and Technology Audits: Ranging from preliminary evaluations to full-scale assessments ensuring data integrity and safety.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Harness TRC-approved coaches to bolster leadership capabilities in the educational technology realm, emphasizing change management and edtech synergy.