Raising standards for schools, technology professionals and educational providers.

For Schools and Organisations

How can schools best balance needs and opportunities to make the most informed decisions in this fast-changing world? 

The TRC helps you structure the best Information Technology Services for your school encompassing academic and administrative computing, networking, support services, classroom and instructional technology, programming services, telecommunications and more…

For Educators and Technologists

How can you acquire and practice the portfolio of technically oriented and personal skills needed to best contribute to your school’s success?

The TRC helps you develop those skills and use them to your advantage by optimising your contribution, gaining personal recognition and being well prepared for future opportunities and promotion?

How the TRC’s range of programs can help you:

School Recognition Programme (Competence & values)

Being recognised by the TRC demonstrates commitment to a high-quality education through the appropriate and effective integration of technology at all levels of its organisation. 

Through a mix of self-assessment, external support and evaluation, the designation as a ‘TRC Tech Ready School’ shows that a school  consistently meets TRC Standards. Those consistently exceeding these standards and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement are recognised as a ‘TRC Tech Innovation School’.

Professional Learning and coaching for educators & technologists

To ensure schools are supported by educational technology leaders of the highest caliber, the Technology Readiness Council provides personalised and collaborative professional learning and coaching in the following areas:

  • Policy Development
  • Privacy
  • Child Protection
  • Readiness and Continuity
  • Change Management and Innovations

Risk-mitigation for schools and service-providers

Easy to administrate services for schools, that help reduce risk, provide a pathway to GDPR compliance and enhance cyber security are provided by experienced members of the TRC network.

We help you establish ‘due diligence’ procedures for suppliers and service providers who have taken active steps, or wish to reduce risk.

The Technology Readiness Council offers associate membership to those suppliers best placed to help schools while protecting data integrity and reducing cyber risk.

About the Technology Readiness Council AISBL:

Children need to be equipped with the skills necessary to best solve tomorrow’s problems. The TRC is the only organization which prepares ed-tech professionals with the skills to improve a school’s technological infrastructure in harmony with a future-oriented view of teaching needs.

As a non-profit organization made up of a network of senior educators and IT leaders from more than 20 countries around the world, the TRC blends experience with an up-to-date analysis of future trends and opportunities. Our network is well-connected in the world of educational technology and our team of experts, together with approved consultants, use a blend of questionnaires, on-line modules, live events and personal visits (to schools) to assess, monitor, and perform training assignments.

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