S.O.B. – Stop Fighting Assistive Devices

In installment three of Student of the Business, it’s time to concede Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are here to stay. These assistive devices have transformed humans’ interactions with machines, unlike any other. Human interaction with mobile technologies has changed the cultural landscape across virtually every country and culture on the planet. But those technologies require an […]

S.O.B. — Use of Immersive Technologies

In installment four of Student of the Business, we examine how, for decades, there has been a promise that virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) would create new teaching and learning opportunities. On the 23rd of May, 1995, Apple Research Labs Publications released a Technical Report #125 entitled “Volumetric Hyper-Reality, A Computer Graphics Holy Grail […]

S.O.B. — Groundhog Day

In installment two of Student of the Business, it’s, here we go again. The alarm rings, a quick trip through the breakfast buffet, the interaction with Ned Ryerson and Phil Connors is off to start his day. Again. The classic 1993 Hollywood blockbuster is a perfect analogy for life as a Director of Technology for finding […]

S.O.B. – The Merger of Giants

In this installment one of Student Of the Business (S.O.B.), we will examine EdTech’s recent rounds of consolidation of educational data systems used by schools worldwide and how these mergers will impact how schools process and manage data in the future. Academic software companies have had blockbuster mergers, and the bigger fish has swallowed up, the smaller players for […]